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If you have been looking for a real extra income source working from home? You may want to check out American Bill Money.

Still here after 13 years and going stronger than ever.

Your sure can’t beat getting those fast start commission checks of $75 and sometimes $900 paid the day after your new member joins. Then $75 a month on all your members and their pass-ups, unlimited width and depth to infinity.

And they’re paid every Friday… 10 people = $750 a month…. 100 people team = $7500 a month…. and so on.

┬áSimple, mail postcards make money, Works great online too! Take another look. —>>

Postcard Cash Queen
Postcard Cash Queen


How Did You Hear About Us

Postcard Cash Queen

Hi Debbie D here from American Bill Company

When my husband Bobby and I looked at ABM, we realized we could afford to enroll in the $125 Monthly Auto-Ship. If we could have afforded it, we see now that the 12 Month Pre-Pay is a GREAT deal.

After studying the sales letter, we went ahead and added the extra monthly 75 cards with leads. That doubled our rewards to 1000 free custom cards every 6 months. The customized cards have your ID # and picture in the top left corner and really look sharp and professional.

Send us your address and we will show you what they look like.
Send to

Now besides mailing the cards, we also advertise online, in laundromats, at friends businesses etc.. There are a lot of ways to spread the word and save money on the stamps. When you enroll we will tell you more, and you get your own Lead Capture Page and Web Page that you can see at the links below.

What we are asking you, if you would, is tell us how YOU heard about us so we know what is working. We would appreciate the help and will be glad to help you when you join.

Here are those links:

Lead Capture Page:


Before you go. By the way those numbers have now been up graded, you get $75 not $25 for your members that opt for the monthly plan and $900 for those that go yearly, and you will be surprised how many do that!

So after only 4 sales you are getting 1000 customized cards and the stamps are paid for as well.

This really is a good thing.Get yours HERE

Thank you,

Debbie Dilks & Bobby Brittingham

“Your Friends in Key West”

PO Box 1733

Key West, Florida USA


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Don’t forget to send us your address in REPLY and we will send you one of the postcards. bye.

Your friends at AMB
Your friends at AMB