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Florida Keys Sunset Sail
Key West, FL
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Come aboard the Schooner Jolly II Rover for an unforgettable sunset sailing experience – With a Hint of Piracy!- in the glistening waters of the Florida Keys.

This square-rigged, 80-foot topsail schooner, built in 1994, will transport you back in time with its tanbark colored sails and cannons. Enjoy an exciting, romantic, sailing adventure while basking in the amazing views of a Florida sunset.

See Key West’s gorgeous Historic Seaport, known locally as the Key West Bight. Once known for its shrimp boats, it is today both a beautiful sight and rich with history and waterfront culture.

During the sail, you will see:

The renowned Key West sunset (and maybe even the “green flash” when the sun changes color for a moment if you’re lucky)
Ocean wildlife, including schools of dolphins
Mallory Square, home of the Key West historical sculpture garden
Fort Zachary Taylor
The Navy Mole, a submarine base
Truman Annex, President Truman’s “Winter Whitehouse”
“Christmas Tree Island”
Sunset Key, known for its multi-million dollar celebrity homes
Join us today for a trip of a lifetime you will never forget!


The Schooner Jolly II Rover. Key West

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The Schooner Jolly II Rover Key West, Florida
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Key West, is where people go when they can suddenly take no more of insincere smiles, collared shirts, and frozen roads. When they wake up one morning and instead of brewing a cup of coffee, they start driving. Driving until the car breaks down or they run out of gas, and then they hitchhike, and walk, and crawl if necessary. Losing possessions along the way. Items once so dear, now just baggage. Winter coats, lost relationships, forgotten dreams, and underwear scattered in their wake. With each mile, the weight in their hearts growing slightly lighter. With each step, more conviction. With each breath, more hope, more warmth. An awakened, rejuvenated spirit. Until they finally reach the end of the road.

Here. The Florida Keys. The great box of misfit toys.

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We Are Pet Friendly
We Are Pet Friendly
Jolly II Rover
Jolly II Rover A Hint Of Piracy